The story of our lifes

The dear friend, 21 years of age but so much wiser hopped on the bus. His eyes wide open and focused on this phone, in contact with the world but shut off of his surroundings. And there she was, the love of his life! So close and yet so far away. Thinking of what to text or what to post: Attention is what he was looking for and wanted to give. But what if she didn’t respond or even worse: what if she did and it turned out to be a painful rejection. Signals are too vague to read, and words so difficult to find when in love.¬†

Why can’t it be as easy as I imagine it to be? Walking through the park, hand in hand, sharing an strawberry ice-cream? Knowing he would mostly eat it because strawberries are too good to share, he¬†looked up, waking up from his daydream, unaware of his drawling. Embarrassed he wipes his mouth. He really wanted that ice-cream now!